Ultimate DIY pack. InDesign Templates and Books.





This package includes everything you need to typeset your first book in no time.

Professional Typesetting for Amateurs: ebook and printed book. 

120 pages filled with step by step instructions and screenshots to guide you through every single step.

Timmy Brown’s personal InDesign Starting Templates.

These are my InDesign templates I use as the base/starting blocks for all the books I typeset. These will save you so much time! I have even designed three different styles you can use as a starting point.

The templates and ebook are downloadable instantly! So you can get started right away, the printed book should be despatched on the next working day on overnight courier.

Note, this is product I have created personally. When you purchase the templates you have the license to use them personally for as many projects as you would like. Please do not distribute them to others. If you know others who would find them useful please point them here. Thanks, I really appreciate your honesty and help 🙂

Have a great day, and enjoy typesetting your book!


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